Terms & Conditions

This website's products and services are provided by LEDGEREX Trading Services

Welcome to LEDGEREX Trading Services (also known as "LEDGEREX" or "we/our" in this document). Via our website https://www.ledgerex.io (the "Website"), we provide a Platform ("Platform") as a service (SaaS). Our platform allows you to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies using Forex Trading & Automated Trading - of which you simply invest and reap passive income and we streamline the entire process for you. The Platform and the Website will be referred to as our "Services" together.

As you enter LEDGEREX, you acknowledge and agree to the following information and accept the terms and conditions set forth below by accessing the website. We reserve the right to amend this document, as well as any papers or agreements between you and the Platform, at any time by publishing changes on the Platform without prior notice. By viewing or using the Platform, you agree to the terms of this document, as well as any other papers or agreements displayed on the Platform at the time.

1. Defined terms

LEDGEREX: LEDGEREX Trading Services, a limited liability company with Forex & Crypto Trading capabilities.

Account: the Platform account created by the User, which is restricted for usage by the User via the Login Credentials.

Platform: LEDGEREX's platform has been designed to make it simple for users to invest in cryptocurrency trading through its automated operation. Allowing users to trade in cryptocurrencies on the Crypto & Forex market without having to do anything manually by employing a crypto trader bot, copy trader, and arbitrage trader, Forex Trader. The Platform is accessible via the website ledgerex.io.

Individual(s): individual private person(s) or legal entity(ies) who utilise the Services. Users are also referred as "you"

2. Personal account creation and registration

If you wish to use our services, go to ledgerex.io (our only URL) and be cautious of other scams and people pretending to be us.

LEDGEREX asks you to register and establish an account in order to enjoy all of the Platform's features. To establish an Account, you must provide your e-mail address and select a secure password as directed throughout the registration procedure. The "Login Credentials" are made up of your e-mail address and password.

Only crypto money may be deposited using the Account. Money that has been placed into the Account cannot be withdrawn. Any earnings generated by utilising LEDGEREX can, of course, be withdrawn in USDT (TRC20).

You must not allow anybody else to use your Account. You are solely responsible for keeping your Login Credentials private and for using your Account responsibly.

When you create an Account, you guarantee that the information you submit is accurate and full. The correctness of the data in your Account is your responsibility.

LEDGEREX has the right to discontinue some features of the Account, Platform, or other Services at any time, to refuse to provide an Account to anybody or to impose new restrictions for obtaining an Account.

3. Prices and offers

These Terms apply to all offers and information related to the Services. Unless otherwise stated, the prices on the Website, App, and Platform do not include taxes and charges.

LEDGEREX has the right to make pricing changes at any moment. Such a pricing hike might take effect right now.

4. LEDGEREX Investment Portfolio

LEDGEREX operates on a simplified investment portfolio, wherein users can invest starting from $100 and get flat 4.25% weekly returns for 1 year (52 Weeks). I.e. more than 200% returns annually.

4. Payment

The user may choose their plan and invest using USDT, TRX, BNB, BUSD, and other cryptocurrencies.

Users can withdraw their earnings every week from Monday 6 AM to 6 PM. The minimum withdrawal limit is $10 and then in $10 multiples, Enter your desired amount and withdraw to your wallets.

If the user wants to continue to profit from the incredible returns, they may re-invest after 1 year and keep continuing their amazing returns. 6. Fair use of our Platform

6. Fair use of our Platform

To use our Platform, you must be at least 18 years old.

You may not use the Platform (or any Services) in any way that is in violation of LAW or any other relevant regulation, including but not limited to financial and taxes requirements.

You will not use the Website for any illicit purposes, including but not limited to money laundering or terrorism funding.

If the User breaches this paragraph and/or other terms of the Terms and/or causes general damage to LEDGEREX Users and/or service providers, LEDGEREX may stop any feature of the Platform (or other Services) temporarily or permanently.