Who We Are?

We're LedgerEx

LedgerEx is poised to make a difference by making cryptocurrency trading simple, efficient, and stress-free. For traders of all levels of expertise.

We are creating a smart trading automation community to enable everyone to earn additional income in cryptocurrencies.

Start with $100 and earn flat 4.25% Weekly Returns

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Platform of prominence

Earn a fantastic passive income without doing anything. Invest in LedgerEx and we will take care of all the hard work while you harvest the best passive revenue possible.

Global Potential

LedgerEx enables its users to enter the crypto world and start into something new and exciting by making investments simple.

Make Money While You Sleep

LedgerEx is a totally automated trading system that allows you to make money while you sleep. Remove your focus from the turbulent market!

Earn More Than FD+MF+SIP

Start the bot using the cryptocurrency you own and make more of it, even if the price fluctuates!
Endless Passive Income

Characteristics of LedgerEx

Begin with $100 and get 17% monthly returns and more.
Up to



Key Affiliate Advantages

Low entry barrier

There is no time commitment or investment required, and everyone has an equal opportunity to participate.

Enticing Commission

Get up to a 55% commission for inviting each user to trade.

Promotional Content Made for You

We assist you in creating your own promotional materials.

Marketing Assistance

We are now offering marketing programmes to assist you in driving business growth.

Simple Management

Our user-friendly management system will allow you to access the commission detail with a multifaceted approach.

Affiliate First Always

You will be among the first to take part in our online and offline activities, as well as the first to check out our newest product.
The Most Trusted

Market Overview Charts

A powerful tool that allows to filter instruments based on fundamental data

Frequently asked questions

You can learn more from our FAQ

What is LedgerEX?

LedgerEX is a Revolutionary Trading Platform that deals in Crypto & Forex Trading. Our expertise in trade will make sure you will gain daily profits based on daily trading. We follow a unique trade strategy pattern to ensure your investment is safe and secure on our platform.

How can I invest in LedgerEX?

You can start with a minimum of $100 and multiply with selected currencies given in the system like USDT, TRX, BNB, BUSD, etc. We will be adding more currencies for your convenience later.

How much can I earn from LedgerEX?

Every week you receive a 4.25% Trade Profit on your investments. The cycle is active for 1 year, Thus for 52 weeks, you will receive more than 200% gains. Once the cycle is over you can re-invest and continue this rebellious journey of infinite passive income.

Can I upgrade to LedgerEX?

One slab is enough to get the maximum profits in LEDGEREX, As no matter how much you invest, you get straight 4.25% returns weekly, 17% monthly and more than 200% annually.

How can I take profits from LedgerEX and deposit them in my wallet?

You can withdraw your earnings every week from Monday 6 AM to 6 PM. The minimum withdrawal limit is $10 and then in $10 multiples, Enter your desired amount and withdraw to your wallets.

How can I participate in an Affiliate program?

You can participate in our Affiliate Program by referring your close ones, friends and people you know, and you will start earning a fixed percentage from their incentives on a daily basis.

What is the advantage of the Affiliate program?

The more trading accounts you refer to, the more incentives you will generate, and thus you will also be eligible for the amazing Target rewards in which you can earn amazing rewards and awards.

Can I take more trading accounts in LedgerEX?

One account is enough to get the maximum leverage. You can reinvest at any time to increase the profits.

Is there a return policy in place at LedgerEX?

Apparently, there is no refund policy. The trading account is limited to one year. However, because our software uses cutting-edge technology, you will receive your fixed 4.25% weekly returns for one fixed year and the cycle will reset itself.